The most widely known colours top soccer teams play in

If you want to learn more about a variety of the most celebrated football kits on the planet today, then you have come to the ideal place.

One of the most supported football clubs in England, a very happy truth for the Chelsea FC owner to be sure, plays in royal blue. The all-blue strip became enormously popular in the last decade or so, when Chelsea achieved such successful heights that it had not quite seen before. Formed in 1905, the club has always played in blue. That said, in its very early years it played in a much lighter blue and the all-blue kit was only unveiled in the 1960s. The club is undergoing somewhat of a transitional stage at this point in time after years of prominence, but industry experts believe that there is no doubt the team will manage to be back on top once more and its followers will take pleasure in witnessing footballers in the famous royal blue lifting trophies again.

Football kits come in all assorted forms and some are more recognisable than others. Take AC Milan for example. The red and black stripes are synonymous with the spectacular Italian team. If truth be told, many other teams around Europe (and the globe) play football in the red and black stripes, but none of us will think of any of them ahead of the Italian powerhouse. A detail that the new AC Milan owner is no doubt very pleased with. Though not the power it was previously, the club remains one of the top 10 football clubs in the world, and the red and black colours have been used by the club since it was first founded in 1899. They were supposedly picked to portray the players' insatiable passion (with the red) and the opponents' fear to challenge the squad (with the black). There is no doubt soccer followers will ever mistake the red and black stripes for being any other team.

In regard to legendary soccer kits, the most famous of all belongs to possibly one of the most excellent teams to ever play the game. The all-white Real Madrid kit is honestly legendary. Ever since its establishment in 1902, the Spanish club has always played in the famous all-white kit – besides from 1 year where its home strip included black shorts (that move was scrapped just 1 year later). Given that the team is perhaps the best club in the world, it should be no big surprise that their kit is so different to all the others – a detail that the Real Madrid president no doubt likes. The club’s away colours are generally purple or blue but undoubtedly, its fans and general football devotees around the globe will constantly connect the club with the regal white strip. After all, some of the world’s top players have put on the legendary kit.

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